The Anglo-Austrian Circle was established on 2nd December 1945, seven months after the end of World War II. At the time, Graz was the administrative capital of the British zone of occupation, which encompassed the Austrian provinces of Styria and Carinthia. In a joint initiative between the British Military Government, the Province of Styria, and local intellectuals, it was decided to form a society to promote cultural and economic ties between Britain and Austria and strengthen relations between the occupying forces and the local population.

Since 2010 the AAC is named the AAS (Anglo Austrian Society), and still promotes ties between Britain and Austria, organising various cultural events and assisting visiting students. The AAC Students Club was the younger, wilder branch of the AAC and organised a weekly Stammtisch and other trips and events for visiting students, ex-patriates living in Graz, and English-speaking Austrian students. Since the AAS is now organising a variety of events, including those for students, and since we were rather attached to the name “AAC”, the Anglo-Austrian Circle is now a separate entity.

The AAS is a non-profit organization which solely lives on membership fees and donations. So if you feel like doing something good today, print the form and become a member! For further questions please consult the AAS’s official website: www.anglo-austrian-society.at