The Anmeldbescheinigung (registration certificate)

Everyone who comes to Graz knows they have to fill out a Meldezettel to register. This is also standard for Austrians. It is less commonly known that EU/EEA citizens who stay in Graz longer than three months have to take an additional step…

In this case you must apply for an Anmeldbescheinigung (registration certificate) within the first four months of arrival. To do so you need to have proof of health insurance and financial means. Many expats live for years in Austria without knowing about this document, and only discover its existence when asking for money from the state (e.g. unemployment benefit, child allowance etc.). In this case you can be fined €250.

There is more general information available (in German) here: “Einreise, Aufenthalt und Niederlassung in der EU“. The application form can be downloaded here and in Graz you have to register at the Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung, Abteilung 3, Paulustorgasse 4 as described here.