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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the old, i.e. pre-2011, AAC Website, which is online purely for nostalgic reasons. You can find our current website here.


WHAT is the AAC?

The AAC is not the world's easiest thing to define. It's a group of people with a common interest: the English language. Other than that, it's all about diversity and learning about other cultures. Some study English or American Studies, some are English or American, some live in Graz and some are just passing through. The mix is always changing, but here are a few of the nationalities represented at past AAC functions: American, Australian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Canadian, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Russian, Scottish, Spanish, and former Yugoslavian. Wow, oder!?

WHO might be interested in the AAC?

Everybody who's interested in the English language, for whatever reasons. And the best way to get involved is to jump straight in and come to our weekly Stammtisch. People at the Stammtisch are typically Austrian students, UK or US expatriates working in Graz, foreign students here for a semester or longer, and of course their friends. (It's best to visit the Stammtisch 3 or 4 times in order to really getting to know people, as the group is always different... just one visit is often not enough to get an idea of what it's all about). Also, it's very helpful to sign up on the mailing list.

WHEN and WHERE is the next fabulous Stammtisch?

The Stammtisch takes place every THURSDAY starting at around 20:30, at 'Die Herzl' (www.dieherzl.at), Prokopigasse 12 (next to Mehlplatz).